Narumi Kanzaki
Narumi Kanzaki
Personal Information
Name (Romanji) Kanzaki Narumi
Gender Male
Personal Status
Family Nanami Kanzaki (younger sister)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Relationships Akari Kanzaki (Wife)
First Appearance
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Narumi Kanzaki is Nanami Kanzaki's older brother, called "Senpai" by most people in the school.


He has short black hair and brown eyes.



He is Nanami's elder brother. He was introduced as Akari's love interest, but he likes Yuzuki. He is the captain of the baseball club and forced his younger sister to become its manager. He has recently been spending time with Yuzuki and even asks her to go to the Kouyasai although Yuzuki responds to this in a joking manner. After he overhears Haruto asking Yuzuki to go with him to the Kouyasai, he gives up on her and even encourages their relationship as he is seen forcing Haruto to accompany Yuzuki to the train station on the day of her departure back to Tokyo. As of the latest chapter, he has graduated from High School.